Ethiek and Sustainability

Ethiek and Sustainability

Sustainable means which meets the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.

The resources available at our disposal are finite, and our cumulative needs for them outweighs the availability. That calls for judicious utilisation of existing resources as well as conscious choice towards practices that enhances the life of the utility of resources.

Growing concern around sustainability

Climate change is presently a major, global issue that impacts the environment and society in several ways, and sustainable development aims to reduce the impacts of climate change that affect the environment and society.

 Every year, the sea is rising another 3.2 mm, and even a small increase can have devastating effect. We only have so much time left before everything goes down.

Eco Friendly

Ethiek and Sustainability

The strength of any building lies in its base. At Ethiek, the founders come with decades of experience of working in sustainable space. With the understanding of urgency in mending our ways to do our bit, Ethiek was born – a sustainable range, if chosen, has the potential of making a difference in the basic function of laundry at home.

 Ethiek is committed to providing effective cleaning solutions while minimizing its environmental impact.

This article explores the sustainable practices employed by Ethiek and highlights the significance of ethical and eco-friendly choices in everyday life.

The Ethiek-al Way

Made with biodegradable, natural ingredients

      Most of the detergents in Indian market contain sulfate (sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES). They aid in lather formation and give an impression of cleaning power.

      However, SLS and SLES may irritate eyes, skin, and lungs, especially with long-term use. In addition, when washed down the drain, they may also be toxic to aquatic animals.

      The Ethiek range is curated with two most critical points in mind – 1) To provide a good cleaning experience, 2) To not have any toxic chemicals in our formulation, which may affect the skin, clothes or the environment. All our products are NABL tested, and are made with natural / plant based ingredients (depending on product you choose)

      Leaves no residue behind

      In our product development and beta testing phase, we came across a lot of households which said that they refrain from using powder detergents which would leave a white stain / residue behind. This also reduced the life of the garment considerably. We wanted to change that. We collaborated with a USA based company with over 50-years of eco-heritage, and curated a powder, which would not leave any residue – neither in clothes, or in washing machine. This increases the life of garments and washing machine, thereby saving the resources which would otherwise be consumed in producing the replacement. All these, with at par or better cleaning performance than the leading detergent brands.

      Leaves no residue on clothes

      Less is more

      While the needs are infinite, resources are finite.

      Taking this into consideration, we have introduced Ethiek Quick Wash detergent liquid – this saves 25% electricity, water & time with every wash. Now every wash can be a quick wash cycle, with no residue / lather left behind.

      Our Concentrated detergent powder uses only 20g powder per wash load (as compared to 60g for other leading brands). With this, the same pack lasts three times longer, thereby reducing the frequency of buying a new pack, and reducing the carbon footprint to a third.

      Sustainable packaging

      There is so much plastic, everywhere. And we wanted to do something about it. Being a small company, it may not be possible to make a remarkable difference in world, but we wanted to take the baby steps. After multiple testing with different options (tin, aluminum, paper containers), and multiple iterations, Ethiek is launched in 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles and cans, India’s only laundry detergent brand to do that, as on date.

      To make them, the existing plastic bottles lying around the sea, roadside, disposed off are collected through various sources, washed, cleaned, and then shredded to granules. These granules are then reused and remoulded into the container you see in all Ethiek products. We didn’t just want to minimise the use of plastic, but also reduce the existing plastic from the eco-system.

      While the bottles and cans are made with 100% PCR plastic, however, given the limitation of feasible options, our caps and spoon is still made of virgin plastic, to be replaced with feasible sustainable alternative, as soon as it arrives.

      Sustainable packaging

      Continuous improvements

      While we have formulated the detergents with care, we are continuously trying options to further reduce our carbon footprint. While we use recycled plastic for packaging, we still wish to use them lesser. As a step towards it, we will be providing re-fill facility at our Laundromania chain in Mumbai, so that the existing packaging can further be reused. Please contact us at to know more.


      Is Ethiek's packaging sustainable?

      Yes, Ethiek's bottles and cans are made of 100% post consumer recycled plastic, which removes the existing plastic from the ecosystem. We also encourage our customers based in Mumbai to get the packs refilled at one of our Laundromania stores and reuse the recycled packs.

      Can Ethiek products be used for all types of washing machines?

      Yes, all the Ethiek products (including fabric conditioner) can be used in front as well as top load washing machines. They are also compatible for hand / bucket wash.

      Can Ethiek's detergent be used in cold water?

      Yes, Ethiek's detergent powder is suitable for use in both cold and hot water, providing effective cleaning in various washing conditions.

      How does Ethiek contribute to environmental causes?

      With no-toxin formulation and sustainable packaging, Ethiek aim to create a responsible cleaning experience

      Does the concentrated powder work on the stains given less dosage?

      Yes, Ethiek's concentrated powder effectively works on stains with a reduced dosage, tried and tested – by us, as well as by consumers.


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