Natural Choice for Cleaner Clothes: Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder

Natural Choice for Cleaner Clothes: Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder


Are you tired of using excessive detergent for better cleaning that also leaves residue on your clothes? Look no further! Introducing Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder, the ultimate solution for all your laundry needs. 

With over 50 years of eco-heritage in the USA, our powder-packed biodegradable formulation sets us apart from the competition. This article dives deep into the features, benefits, and user experiences of Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder, your trusted partner for laundry needs.

The Cleaning Power you need

When it comes to laundry, clean clothes are non-negotiable. Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder boasts a proven formula that takes on tough stains while remaining gentle on your skin and garments. You'll be astonished by the cleaning power packed into every scoop.

Less is more: Dosage efficiency

One of our standout advantages is dosage efficiency. With as little as 20 grams of Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder, you can achieve results that outshine leading brands requiring 60 grams. This not only ensures impeccable cleaning but also cuts down on your monthly laundry expenditure. Say goodbye to excessive detergent usage and hello to savings!

The below table explains how:

Concentrated Detergent Powder

When comparing Leading Detergent Brands to Ethiek Detergent Powder, it's clear that Ethiek offers substantial benefits. It provides more wash loads, requiring only 20g per load compared to 60g with the leading brands. This results in a significant cost-saving of over 15%, with Ethiek priced at Rs. 12.5 per wash load compared to Rs. 15 for the leading brands. Moreover, Ethiek's cost-effectiveness and higher wash loads demonstrate its 3X power in terms of efficiency, making it a more economical and sustainable choice for laundry needs.

A zero residue solution

Our commitment to sustainability goes beyond cleaning power. Unlike conventional detergents, Ethiek leaves no residue on your clothes or inside your washing machine, eliminating the need for a separate machine washing detergent. This not only saves you money but also extends the life of both your garments and your washing machine.

Gentle on skin and safe for babies

For those with sensitive skin or babies, rest assured that Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is safe to use. Our biodegradable non-residue formula ensures there is no irritation on the skin. It's absolutely safe for baby clothes as well as it does not leave any residue on garments and leaves no chances of irritation to sensitive skin.

Perfect for white clothes 

As used by Laundromania experts (a premier laundry & dry cleaning service company). They said: Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is the best powder they ever used for white clothes. This powder contains 3x power that gives 3x better cleaning as compared to ordinary brands and the less grams per wash load ensures its cheaper than other imported detergents they use otherwise for cleaning.

How to use Ethiek Concentrated detergent powder

Using Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is a breeze. A spoon is provided inside your jar. Simply follow these recommended dosages for the best results:

  • For Low to Medium-Soiled Clothes: Use 1 spoon (20 grams) of Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder.
  • For Heavily Soiled Clothes: Increase the dosage to 1.5 spoons (30 grams).

Versatility Across Washing Machines

Whether you own a top-load or a front-load washing machine, Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is suitable for both. Its versatility ensures that no matter what type of machine you have, you can enjoy its exceptional cleaning power.

Packaging with a Purpose

Ethiek places a strong emphasis on sustainability, not only in its formulation but also in its packaging. Our Concentrated Detergent Powder comes in a 100% post-consumer recycled plastic can with an HDPE cap. Inside the can, you'll find a measuring spoon for easy and accurate dosage.

User Testimonials

Our satisfied users have been eager to share their experiences with Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder. After just 4-5 washes, they have noticed significant differences in their clothes. 

Here's what some of them had to say:

  • Softer Clothes: Users have reported that their clothes feel noticeably softer after switching to Ethiek. This is a result of the gentle yet effective cleaning power of our formula.
  • No Fading or Stretching: Ethiek preserves the color and shape of your clothes, ensuring they look as good as new, wash after wash.
  • No pre-soak required: Many users appreciate the convenience of not having to pre-soak clothes or wash collars separately. Ethiek simplifies the laundry routine, making it easier and more efficient.
  • Convenience: Easy to use. Comes in a wide jar as compared to other detergents that come in a plastic pack and requires to be emptied separately. The Ethiek detergent also comes with a spoon for precise dosage measurement. 


Experience the difference with Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder. It's time to say goodbye to detergent residue on your clothes, optimize your washing machine with our powder, and enjoy laundry detergent that is tough on stains yet gentle on your clothes. Choose a solution that offers proven performance, sustainability, and safety for your family's laundry needs. Make the natural choice for cleaner clothes with Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder, and discover the true essence of eco-friendly cleaning.


Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder suitable for all washing machines?

Yes, our detergent is compatible with both top and front-load washing machines, ensuring its versatility and convenience for all users.

How can I use Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder for heavily soiled clothes?

For heavily soiled items, we recommend using 1.5 spoons (30 grams) of our detergent for optimal cleaning.

Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder safe for sensitive skin and baby clothes?

Absolutely! Our detergent is specially formulated to be gentle on sensitive skin and is perfect for washing baby clothes.

Does Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder contain harmful chemicals?

The formula is biodegradable and ensures that it doesn't harm marine / water life once it is drained out with water from the washing machine. 

What makes Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder eco-friendly?

Our biodegradable formulation and sustainable packaging contribute to the eco-friendliness of our product. Our concentrated formula which requires less dosage per wash load needs less packaging and has a lower transportation footprint. 

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