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Why switch to Ethiek?

1) Ethiek products are truly sustainable (our formulation is eco-friendly and biodegradable, our packaging is made of using 100% existing plastic waste);

2) All the products are skin sensitive and baby and pet friendly - causing no harm / allergy.

3) With sustainability and safety, you get quality clean - our powder detergent works exceptionally well on food, turmeric, wine, collar stains, just to begin with.

4) We have also introduced special detergent for washing silk and wool garments at home - specially imported from UK. The same formulation is used by many professional laundries in UK for delicate wear care

How are Ethiek products eco-friendly?

All the Ethiek products are made with natural / plant based ingredients, and do not contain any phosphates / allergens. They are extremely safe for sensitive skin and baby clothes as well. We have also taken an extra step to ensure that all our packaging is sustainable too - all our packs are 100% made by collecting plastic bottles lying around the sea, on roads etc, converting them in granules and reusing these to make Ethiek bottles and cans, thereby reducing the existing plastic from environment. Our powder detergent is concentrated, and the same pack lasts 3 times longer than any other regular detergent, thereby reducing the carbon footprint. Our quick wash liquid saves 25% water and electricity in every wash.

Which type of washing machine can the Ethiek products be used in?

All our products can be used in all types of washing machine (front load, top load, semi-automatic). In addition, all our products, including the fabric conditioner, can be used for hand wash / bucket wash as well