Detergent Powder with Fabric Conditioner

* What is the difference between Ethiek Concentrated Detergent and Other detergents?
Ethiek Detergent Powder is a 3X Concentrated Formulation, meaning you only need to use 1/3rd the dose (20gm) of Powder per Washload, compared to other Detergents which use 60gm per Washload.

* ⁠Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent suitable for ALL type of Clothes?
Yes, Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is suitable for ALL type of clothes, especially works wonders for White Clothes, do read the Wash Care Label before Washing.

* Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder Effective in Stain Removal?
Yes, it is very effective on ALL kind of Stains, especially Food & Ink Stains.

* Is this for Front-load or Top-load Machines?
Both the Products can be used for both Front Load & Top Load Machines. It can be used for Hand Wash as well. The Powder's\ less Foam formula yields very Good results and is Effective for all kinds of washes.

* How to use the Fabric Conditioner in the Washing Machine?
  • For the Front Load Machine, add one cap(40ml) of Fabric Conditioner in the Conditioner Tray at the start of the wash cycle.
  • For Top Load Machine, in a typical 40-minute wash, Pause your Washing Machine, and add one cap(40ml) of Fabric Conditioner in the last Rinse Cycle, typically the last 10 minutes of your Wash.

* Can I use Fabric Conditioner in Hand Wash?
Yes, For hand washing, after Washing your clothes with Detergent, add half a cup (20ml) of Fabric Conditioner into a bucket of water (5 liters) and soak your clothes for 5-10 min.

* Is this Product Natural?
  • Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is made using only 5 Active Salts, which are derived from Naturally occurring sources. The active Ingredient in the Powder is imported from the US, with 50 Years of Eco Heritage.
  • Ethiek Fabric Conditioner is also made using 100% Naturally Derived Ingredients.

* Is this Product safe for Kids & Baby Clothes?
Yes. Our Detergent Powder and our Fabric Conditioner DO NOT contain harmful toxins such as Sulphates, Phosphates, Parabens, Artificial Dyes, or Optical Brighteners, making them safe for Kids' & Baby Clothes.

* Is the product Safe for those with Sensitive skin or who are Allergy-prone?
Yes, Our Detergent Powder and our Fabric Conditioner are made with natural ingredients, hence, it is suitable for people with Sensitive Skin or those who are Allergy-prone.