Concentrated Detergent Powder

* What is the difference between Ethiek Concentrated Detergent and Other detergents?
Ethiek Detergent Powder is a 3X Concentrated Formulation, meaning you only need to use 1/3rd the dose (20gm) of Powder per Washload, compared to other Detergents which use 60gm per Washload.

* ⁠Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent suitable for ALL type of Clothes?
Yes, Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is suitable for ALL type of clothes, especially works wonders for White Clothes, do read the Wash Care Label before Washing.

* Is Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder Effective in Stain Removal?
Yes, it is very effective on ALL kind of Stains, especially Food & Ink Stains.

* Is this for Front-load or Top-load Machines?
Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder can be used for both Front Load & Top Load Machines. It can be used for Hand Wash as well. Its less Foam formula yields very Good results and is Effective for all kinds of washes.

* Is this Product Natural?
Ethiek Concentrated Detergent Powder is made using only 5 Active Salts, which are derived from Naturally occurring sources. The active Ingredient is imported from the US, with 50 Years of Eco Heritage.

* Is this product safe for Kids & Baby Clothes?
Yes. Our Detergent Powder DOES NOT contain harmful toxins such as Sulphates, Phosphates, Parabens, Artificial Dyes, or Optical Brighteners, making it safe for Kids' & Baby Clothes.

* is the product Safe for those with Sensitive skin or who are Allergy-prone?
Yes, Our Detergent Powder is made with natural ingredients, hence, it is suitable for people with Sensitive Skin or those who are Allergy-prone. The Powder is Odorless, which makes it appropriate for people with smell/nose Allergies.

* Does Ethiek Detergent Powder also leave residue on clothes like other powders?
Our Powder is specially formulated to leave 0 residue on your garments or the washing machine, hence leading to Residue-Free cleaning making it all the more Safe for Sensitive Skin as well.