3 Tips On How To Remove Odour From Clothing

3 Tips On How To Remove Odour From Clothing


Dealing with unpleasant odour lingering in your clothes? Fear not! Explore these genius tips to have a fresh and delightful wardrobe experience.

1. Use Naphthalene Balls in your cupboards:

Banish moisture, germs, and insects with Naphthalene balls. These tiny wonders absorb moisture, protecting your clothes from odour-causing culprits. 

Incorporate Naphthalene balls strategically within your cupboards to maximize their effectiveness. This simple hack not only safeguards your clothes but also promotes a pleasant storage environment.

Pro Tip: Place Naphthalene balls in pockets or corners where moisture tends to accumulate, ensuring comprehensive odor control.

Use Naphthalene Balls in your cupboards

2. Properly Dry Your Clothes After Wash:

The key to odor-free clothes starts with a fundamental step – drying them promptly after washing. Moist environments become breeding grounds for unwanted smells, but a proactive approach can make all the difference.

Ensure your clothes receive ample ventilation and sunlight during the drying process. This not only eliminates moisture but also prevents the growth of odor-causing bacteria.

Expert Insight: Investing in a good-quality clothesline or rack can enhance the drying process and contribute to long-lasting freshness.

Properly Dry Your Clothes After Wash

3. Use Fabric Conditioner:

While care should be taken in drying and storing the clothes, you can further enhance your laundry routine by introducing Fabric conditioners. Fabric conditioners add a delightful scent to your clothes and also protect the cloth’s fibers and keep them soft and comfortable. 

At Ethiek, the Ethiek Bio Fabric Conditioner is our favorite. It differs from other fabric conditioners in the sense that it is made with 100% natural ingredients, which do not harm your clothes or your skin even in the long run. The carefully picked fragrance option of Lime keeps your clothes feeling fresh and Juniper acts as mood lifter.

Use Fabric Conditioner

Environmental Tip: Opt for eco-friendly laundry products to contribute to a greener, more sustainable lifestyle.


Revitalize your clothes storage routine with these hacks. From moisture absorption to eco-friendly freshness, these tips ensure your garments remain odor-free and delightful. Say goodbye to wardrobe woes and hello to a fragrant, well-kept closet!


Can I use Naphthalene balls in all types of closets?

Absolutely! Naphthalene balls are versatile and safe for use in all types of closets, including wooden, plastic, and metal ones. Ensure proper placement for optimal results.

How often should I replace Naphthalene balls?

Replace Naphthalene balls every 2-3 months or when their characteristic odor diminishes. This ensures continuous protection against moisture and odour.

Are there any alternatives to sun-drying clothes?

While sun-drying is ideal, using a well-ventilated indoor space or an electric dryer on low heat can also achieve effective results. The key is prompt and thorough drying.

Q: How can I make my laundry routine more eco-friendly?

Apart from using Ethiek Fabric Conditioner, you can consider switching to eco-friendly products, which have minimal impact on the environment. Our Quick Wash liquid detergent is one such - made with 100% naturally derived ingredients, saves 20 liters of water in every wash (yes, you read it rightly), and comes in sustainable packaging (100% PCR plastic - India’s first in the laundry segment). 

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